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Wednesday Nights | Gardendale Nazarene

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Scripture reading and study is foundational to the Christian faith. On Wednesday nights, we are studying Paul's letter to the Galatians.

Many times, Galatians is referred to as the Gospel of Freedom. Author, Eugene Peterson writes, "We have been conned by our society into thinking that in ourselves we are not worth much and so must prove we are something by what we wear or what we produce or what kind of impression we make. We have been bullied by our emotions into concluding that if we don’t feel happy something is wrong at the core of the universe, that if we don’t have what we want when we want it then we are being deprived of our rights, that if we are suffering or feeling pain then God is not doing his job. We all carry within us a, often unconsciously, these and similar attitudes from our parents and our peers. They are wrong and perverse but nevertheless influence us powerfully. Then we are introduced to God’s truth: we are loved and forgiven. God is real. We are not resented accidents in his beautifully arranged creation but planned children."

Join us as we discover God's truth! Class begins at 6:30 in the Senior Adult room (room #201). Childcare is provided.
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