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Insist Upon These Things!

I hope you are staying warm on this cold morning. A few weeks ago we wrapped up our series on Titus. Titus is often an overlooked epistle. Once you read it, though, you realize that it is filled with great power and wisdom.

As Paul is wrapping up his letter, he urges Titus to lead his church in the way of the cross. He wraps up by telling Titus, “Insist on these things.” What is Titus to insist upon? I’m glad you asked!

  • We are saved by His kindness and generous love– not by anything we have done.
  • We are saved through the washing of the new birth and the renewal of the Holy Spirit. This new birth was richly poured out upon us through Jesus, our King and Savior.
  • We are justified by His grace and made heirs in the hope of the life of the age to come.

Last Sunday, we began our Lenten sermon series with a look at the temptation of Jesus in Luke 4. As I mentioned, there are many sermons to be preached from this passage. Yet, the point that strikes me is this– The temptations of Christ are a question of what shape His ministry/life is going to take. Is Jesus going to follow after His Father, or choose an easier path? It is satan saying, “Just do this and I can make your life easy.”

I think satan tempts us all with this question. “Make your life about ________ and all will be easy.” My prayer is when we hear that voice, Paul’s voice rings louder- “Insist on these things!”

May we insist on what truly matters!

Pastor John