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The Miracle of Protection (Daniel 6)

Daniel and the lion's den is probably the most famous story from the book of Daniel.

The Son of Man (Daniel 7)

In chapter 7, Daniel's story turns from a historical book to an apocalyptic one. It is a shift that tells a beautiful story of the reign of God.

The Challenge of Faithfulness (Daniel 1)

Today we begin our new series on the book of Daniel. When we lose focus on our God, we tend to forget that our God is bigger than Babylon.

Dancing in the Flames (Daniel 3:24-30)

The story of the fiery furnace is one of the great stories of the Old Testament. The story speaks to us today- it is not a story of defiance, but worship of the One True God.

Strange Dreams (Daniel 2:31-49)

Daniel 2 brings us an odd story. King Nebuchadnezzar cannot sleep due to a bad dream. He wants to dream interpreted, but will not tell anyone the dream.