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"Be who you needed when you were younger."

I have been following the work of Brad Montague for a while now. He is a cartoonist from Tennessee who draws little characters and then puts sayings with these characters. Some of these sayings are funny, and some will make you stop and think. Some phrases are original to Brad, and some are quotes. I have attached one of these cartoons below.

There is something about the combination of his artwork and handwritten messages that resonates with me.

A few weeks ago, he posted a picture of him speaking and behind him on the screen was a statement in his script that struck me.

"Be who you needed when you were younger."

This simple statement struck my heart. When I look back to my school age years, I think of the men and women that made a difference in my life. What set them apart from all the others? Between church, school, and Boy Scouts, I knew a lot of adults. Why does Bill Jones, Conn Hamlett, Gary Herndon, Lorri Smith, Sue Knotts, or Esther Bright stand out?

They took the time to be who I needed. Each one of those names is on that list for a different reason (and my list could go on). These are men and women who invested in me as a child and teenager. These are people who stood beside my family during hard times and celebrated with us during the good times. These are people who prayed for me when I didn't know I needed those prayers. Each one of these people, in their wisdom, was who I needed.

My challenge to you is this- when you look across our children's and youth department, which one of these students needs you in their life? This is an investment in someone's life. This is an investment in the future. This is an investment in the Kingdom of God.

Be who you needed when you were younger.

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