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New Things

During my earlier years in ministry, one of the most nerve-racking experiences was sitting before the Ministerial Credentials Board of the Tennessee District. Each minister in the Church of the Nazarene is required to meet with this board in the years prior to becoming ordained. I would come into the room, stomach turning, and quickly glance around the table to see who was going to lay the tough theological question on me.

In those six or seven years, there was one year that scared me the most. I walked into the room and saw an older gentleman eyeing me. I knew his face, but I was struggling placing exactly who he was. The men around the table then told me their names and when it was this man’s turn he said, “I am Ray Dunning.”

This was not good– Dr. H. Ray Dunning! One of the great Nazarene theologians was sitting on the board! Oh, the deep question he must have been preparing for me!

The other men began with some questions about my education. They asked about what classes I was taking at Trevecca. Then Dr. Dunning leaned back in his chair and began to speak, “John, What new thing is God doing in your life?”

I can remember his question like it was yesterday. In all of those meetings, Dr. Dunning asked the question that I still think about regularly.

I do not believe that God ever stops working in our lives. I believe He is constantly wanting to do a ‘new thing’. Spring is a reminder in our lives, that new life is always right around the corner. The leaves popping out on our trees reminds us of the life God brings. We serve a God who is always bringing new life.

If you will allow me to borrow a question from Dr. Dunning, “What new thing is God doing in your life?” This spring, take the opportunity to ask God to continually work in your life. Look for God's work- He is there!

May God bring newness to your heart and life!blogEntryTopper

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