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Sermon on the Mount

Green Shoots

It is Friday and the weekend is upon us. I’d like to share a little in preparation for Sunday and share a few announcements with you.

As we move through The Sermon on the Mount, it is my hope that we continue to see it as a whole. It is hard not to break it into segments because that is what we have to do Sunday after Sunday.

This week, we will be looking at Matthew 5:33-37. As I have been preparing this week, I found a quote pertaining to the sermon as a whole. It is striking quote that paints a beautiful picture for us.

“[The Sermon on the Mount proclaims] a glad and unworried trust in the Creator God, whose kingdom is now at last starting to arrive, leading to a glad and generous heart toward other people, even those who are technically ‘enemies.’ Faith, hope, and love: here they are again. They are the language of life, the sign in the present of green shoots growing through the concrete of this sad old world, the indication that the Creator God is on the move, and that Jesus’s hearers and followers can be part of what He’s now doing.” –N.T. Wright

It is my prayer that you can begin to see the ‘green shoots’ of new life growing in your life as we study these powerful words of Christ. May God continue strengthing your heart in faith, hope, and love.

Grace and peace,

Pastor John

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